Yujacha are not all Yuja

Korean Citron Tea

Yazu+ Korean Citron TeaHave you ever tried General Ming’s Yazu+ Citron Tea? No I am not talking about the General Ming in Flash Gordon and not the General Ming from Superman either. Matter of fact this General Ming’s tea would have put both of those grumpy villains in a great mood. Perhaps that is why they were so grumpy.

There is only one thing that happens when one becomes hooked on the rich delicious flavor in Yazu+ Korean citron tea.  That is that they become hooked on a USDA Organic no caffeine added taste that is out of this world. Once this happens they just can’t get enough. Do not get this citron confused with a pimply lemon. It is nothing like that. IT is a rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants fruit that nature has put here as a way for us to stay healthy and enjoy doing it at the same time.

Around the Globe People are Screaming Yazu+

No matter if you live in Korea, England or America tastes around the globe are yujacha when it comes to General Ming’s Citron Tea. The first time I heard of Yujacha, I said bless you and everyone laughed at me. When they told me what the word Yujacha meant, I understood why they laughed. I was a little embarrassed, but it made for great yujacha conversation with new friends. This is where I learned of the deep history behind Yujacha. I did not know that it came from the citron fruit. But after this educational conversation I was enlightened in the ways of this delicious Korean tea.

Don’t Let Winter Beat You, Fight Back With General Mings Yujacha

Winter time is coming around every year. Be sure that you have a stock pile of General Mings  Citron Tea put away in your cupboard so that you will stay health and fit all winter long. Your body, mind and soul will thank you when you are not the sick one this winter. Who knows you might enjoy it a little bit more when you are healthy and happy. If you have a cup of hot delicious citron tea a day, you can keep that winter cold away. One taste of General Mings Tea and you will see what everyone has been talking about for years.

Standing Out in the Cold is No Fun, Stock up on Yujacha to Stay Healthy

When I heard about General Ming’s delicious dynasty I had no idea it was this great Korean Citron tea or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Maybe I need to read some more history while I am enjoying this amazing citron tea. Before I do that I am going to go online and order some great Citron tea by General Ming’s today. Great tasting high quality products are part of our secret. At General Ming’s, our products are the highest quality. This is so that we can assure our customers that they are getting the top of the line when it comes to Yazu+ Citron Tea. This great tasting tea will leave you craving more that’s why you want to make sure your cabinet is full of this amazing stuff.