How General Mings’ Honey Citron Tea Changed Me Forever

How Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea changed me

Honey Citron Tea changed my lifeYujacha or also known as Korean Citron Tea must be sent here from the heavens. The first time I tasted the amazingly sweet and tart taste of Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea I was taken by surprise. It was winter in Wisconsin and it was a cold harsh one. It seemed as if all I was doing was shoveling snow. My throat felt like a dry river bed with the sun hammering down on it. The sniffles in my nose had set in to where they were constant now. Then it happened, that moment that changed it all for me. My neighbor came out and invited me in for some hot tea. From this moment on I would never be the same.

Hot Tea and She Had Me

She says to me “I have just the thing to get rid of that sniffling nose.” At this point I would try anything. She asked me if I drank hot tea. I told her yes and she handed me a steaming cup of a yellowish liquid. She looked at me and said it was General Mings Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea, drink it, it will make you feel better. This is where her tea and my tea became Yuja. I guess she was tired of seeing me sniffling my, I mean shoveling my driveway day after day, with my sniffling nose.

At the very first taste I was in love. The heavenly union of sweet and tart in my mouth from this insanely delicious tea cleared me up as I was drinking it. Did I mention this tea tasted great! Well I might have but I said it again anyway. She was so nice she even sent me home with a jar of Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea. I now am a daily drinker of this amazing substance put here on earth for our pleasure and cannot imagine how I went day to day without this delicious tea in my life.

Healthy, Delicious and Just For Me

I loved this tea and had to have more. I looked at the name on the jar she had given me and looked it up online. It was General Mings Yazu+ Citron Tea and I was even happier to find out it was both USDA organic and EU organic. The health benefits where simply astonishing! General Mings honey citron tea was my new winter defense against getting a cold. It helped soothe and relieve everything from my cough and runny nose to my sore throat. With it being natural and good for me and tasting great I had wondered how I made it through life without this delicious tea in it.
Thanks to the all-natural health benefits of General Mings tea I was able to make it through the rest of my harsh winter at -0 for months on end. I know I will never run out of my supply of General Mings Honey Citron Tea because I went online and ordered a few months’ worth of it just now. I even got a great mug to enjoy my spectacular tea in when it arrives. The only thing I can say to you is, don’t wait any longer. Yes take my word for it; General Mings Honey Citron Tea is truly an amazing cup of tea!