Yuja Cha or Korean Citron Tea – a Solution to the Winter Blues!

Citron Tea aids curing sore throat

Citron Tea aids curing sore throatSniffle, Sniffle, Sniffle … As the cold crisp winter air starts to push away summer, there are few tastier ways to beat the cold and get a healthy dose of vitamin C than drinking a delicious steaming hot mug of Korean Citron Tea or as it is known in Korea, Yujacha. What makes a great tasting winter drink even better? Each cup ends with a mouthful of vitamin packed, bittersweet citron rinds—a true treat within a drink.

For centuries Koreans and ‘people in the know’ have been using this tea to helps fight colds, relieve fatigue and even as a cure for the dreaded hangover.

Yuja first came to Korea in the age of Shilla Dynasty in the second year of king 문무 (Munmu). A person named 장보고 (Jangbogo) was carrying Yuja from China to Korea, then a sudden storm hit the boat when he was about to arrive at the Southern coast of Korea. That shock crushed Yuja and the seeds went into the bottom of the man’s coat. All the way he went through wearing his coat in Southern part of Korea the Yuja tree became prevalent later. Regardless if the story is true or
not, the tea is delicious.

YAZU+ is the only truly USDA and EU organic Korean citron tea exported out of S. Korea and into stores globally. It’s Sliced Lemon Vitamin Cabsolutely perfected taste and fragrance shows the time and effort put into the development of this unique tea to the Western world. General Ming’s signature product is a mixture of health and taste is something that surely cannot be missed.

Korean Citron Tea in the coldYou can purchase General Ming’s YAZU+ Korean Citron Tea at various locations around the world, however, the easiest way is to go on their website at GeneralMings.com. Shipping may be a bit expensive coming out of Korea, however, you’ll soon find it was worth every penny.