The new wave of tea coming out of Korea

BuryeongsaWe’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, and again and again – we’re crazy about the new wave coming out of Korea. Forget K-Pop, Psy or perfected plastic surgery.
We’re talking about the delicious, succulent taste bud popping sensation – Yazu tea by tea makers General Ming’s. Honoring the old style recipe passed on from grandma to mother to daughter over the past 200 years whilst adding a twist of unique flavor makes this tea leap head and shoulders over any other form of tea on the market today. Is  it a bit more pricey, hell yeah, but then again so is a Ferrari over a Hyundai. Everything has it’s price and if it’s worth it and you’re fortunate enough to be able to partake – bravo to you!

We’re excited about the selection of the only organic citron picking process mixed with a gentle blend of the right sweetness of brown sugar to give this tea a tasty zing from the first sip to the last. Yazu+ has an eye toward personality and balance; these quirky and lovely teas, carefully farmed and carefully made, speak for the centuries of goodness.

[quote] It’ll make you want to climb back in bed with a hot mug, a good book and blow off work for the afternoon.


Perhaps the deep orange color or the similar texture to marmalade kept this tea from becoming a sensation until now. We like to think it was a hidden treasure enjoyed at home and not shared with others, afraid of sharing a well-kept family secret. Forget the great flavor and aroma, the health benefits of Oriental Citron Tea trumps even the best sources of vitamin C. Commonly referred to as the ‘Korean cure for the common cold’, General Ming’s Yazu + Korean Citron Tea is in one word – Yazuyawa! Hold on, is that even a word! We believe it will be once you taste it.

General Ming’s Yazu + is made with an eye toward balance, character, flavor and tradition, and the results are elegant, refreshing, and just darn delicious. It’ll make
you want to climb back in bed with a hot mug, a good book and blow off work for the afternoon.

For a true kick in the butt, try this Oriental treat mixed with your favorite adult beverage such as gin or vodka. Sit back, relax and Yazu!


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