Stomach Relief and More from General Ming’s Tea

Citron tea relieves stomach pain

There are many different things that women of child bearing age feel each month

during their menstrual cycles. This includes general aches and pains, headaches, slight fevers and general moodiness. What are the most painful to the majority of women though are the associated cramps.

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Some women may only feel a few cramps during the worst part of their menstrual cycle. Others will endure the pain of several hundred of these throughout every day of their menstrual cycle each month.  For many years we know that they have been combating these cramps with over the counter medications. In some circumstances pharmaceutical prescriptions as well.

Honey Ginger TeaNatural Alternatives to Natural Ailments

What a lot of people do not know is that there are safe USDA organic and EU organic alternative options available. Many of which have been used throughout western cultures for hundreds of years. One of those alternatives is General Mings Yazu+ Honey Ginger Tea.

Not the Tea You’re Used To

When most people think of tea they think of ground up tea leaves in a bag. These are typically steeped in boiling water to make a drink that many enjoy sweetened with sugar. This is common in western countries such as the United States. General Mings Yazu+ Honey Ginger Tea is a bit different from that.

How to Prepare

To turn this into an enjoyable tasty beneficial drink you would on average add a tablespoon of Yazu+ into a cup of hot water.  Then stir to enjoy. This tea may not be what you are used to making but I guarantee you that it is easy to make. Once you feel the benefits and enjoy the taste you will make General Mings Yazu+ Honey Ginger Tea the only one you drink.

Ginger- Nature’s Alternative

It is the ginger aspect of this tea that offers such great medical benefits. Ginger contains shogoals and gingerols. Both of these have been proven to stimulate the production of gastric juices and bile in saliva. This contains the enzymes that are necessary to promote a balanced digestive system. Ginger also has a warming and calming effect on the stomach and body in general.


Added Benefits

Ginger and Ginger Teas have been used for many things other than menstrual cramps and stomach related ailments. Ginger also helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, manage glucose levels and improve circulation. As you can see there are many benefits to this amazing root. The beverages and food items that ginger can be added to are endless.

So Natural We Are Almost Naked Yazu+ Honey Ginger Tea

There is no longer reason to have to take a pill for every ailment that we face. Nor is there a reason to expose our bodies to the risks of the many side effects that come with them. We are all looking for better ways to improve our health. Ways to prevent ailments as well.  More and more so that we are turning to healthy, natural and safe alternatives such as General Mings Yazu+ Honey Ginger Tea. General Ming’s is a delicious dynasty.