The Rescent Trend In Tea Drinking Worldwide

cup-of-teaTea Drinker Rejoice … a new tea trend is here

The tea-drinking trend is changing the world over. People are looking for more options and variety of tea. There are varieties of flavors of tea that are available in the market. Tea has several health benefits like flavinoids, amino acids, vitamins, caffeine etc. Certain tea helps protects the body from a variety of diseases. Some tea contains catechinst that helps in preventing obesity and liver issues. Several recent studies have shown that tea protects against oral, prostate, and digestive diseases.

A couple new additions to the list of tea drinkers are Korean Citron Tea and Bamboo tea. These two tea types are making a buzz worldwide.

[quote]General Ming’s is at the forefront in this market and positioned to be one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of organic versions of both teas. [/quote]

The Bamboo Leaf Tea

This tea is made up of bamboo leaves and is processed by hand. It does not involve any sort of chemicals. It has a very sweet taste and subtle green color, which can entice anyone to have a cup of this amazing looking tea. The statement “It’s good for both mind and body” should have been coined for General Ming’s Bamboo Tea. The highest amount of vegetative silica is present in the bamboo. The silica content of bamboo is responsible for its fast growth and flexibility.

The silica is a well-known beauty supplement and helps in hair and nail growth. General Ming’s
bamboo tea is one of the best possible source of silica. This form of silica can be absorbed in a better way rather than using supplements. The other benefit of having this tea is to have a soluble fiber. The soluble fiber helps in increasing the digestive system. It promotes the overall health and wellness of an individual.

[quote]Bamboo leaves are a super herb with many health benefits.[/quote]

Korean Citron Tea

This tea has several health benefits involved. For centuries in Korea it has been used as a remedy for cough and it helps in preventing cold. With it’s soothing flavor and aroma, and an excellent source of vitamin C General Ming’s citron tea is the perfect winter treat. Got a sore throat? Hard to find anything natural that can be any better to sooth a sore throat. A bonus is General Ming’s Korean Citron Tea is organic and comes sweetened with either organic brown sugar or honey. With no caffeine, it is a perfect beverage to either relax in front of a warm glowing fire or for a healthy alternative to hot chocolate for children.

Relax ladies, there is even something for you! Koreans believe Citron Tea is great for the skin and gives it a glow. People use this tea in different forms. Some people have it like a jam while others add it in cold or hot water and consume it as a hot or cold tea. Its health benefits have made it a super hit among the people worldwide. It is very sweet in taste and has a beautiful aroma. It is made from a fruit
known as Citron. The Korean Citron Tea is easily available online at GeneralMings.

Both the Korean Citron Tea and Bamboo tea have become an instant hit all over the world.

Those who may have started drinking these teas for their health benefits, now consume it because of the great taste. General Ming’s Korean Citron Tea and General Ming’s Bamboo Teas are filled with health benefits, aroma and flavor making them popular with tea drinkers worldwide.

2 thoughts on “The Rescent Trend In Tea Drinking Worldwide

  1. Helen says:

    Hello from Germany. you have a great thing going! Keep it up. Love your tea products especially the citron.

  2. The Foodie in Me says:

    Enjoyed the blog. I’m not sure if it is common knowledge but tea is the number one consumed beverage around the world right behind water. If that isn’t an endorsement I’m not sure what is. Look forward to your next blog.

    The Foodie in Me

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