Can pandas be all that wrong about bamboo?

Panda Eating BambooBamboo Leaves and its tea are full of benefits for your beauty and health

Tea as a beverage has been part of human culture for many years, and has been taken largely for its proposed medicinal value. Tea over history has been taken to improve general wellness as well as relieve pain. The big craze right now is Bamboo Leaf Tea, another type of tea among the different types of distinct Korean Tea. There are a number of health benefits that have been attached to bamboo leaf tea, which is the main selling point of the natural tea. Its botanical properties make it a great health
supplement, as well as having great flavor.

The basics of Bamboo Leaf Tea

Although bamboo tea is classified under tea, it is not strictly a “true tea”. True teas are defined as those derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant, or what we know as tea bushes. Bamboo leaf tea is more of an herbal tea strictly speaking.

How the tea itself is made however is no different from true tea. The process is quite basic, where the leaves are picked, dried, steeped and boiled in water to provide the natural brew.

The botanical properties of bamboo leaf tea make it especially good for health. Below are some of the important properties that lend the tea its benefits.

Dietary Fiber

“There is at least one gram of dietary fiber in every standard cup of bamboo leaf tea”. This is good for cleansing the body, as well as helping with digestion. LDL cholesterol (which is harmful) l is also effectively cleaned from the bloodstream, as well as promoting a healthy digestive system. This is one of the important benefits of bamboo tea.


For rigid tissue health, bamboo leaf tea contains silica which is also good for the bones. Silica is also effective in promoting healthy and elastic skin. Other benefits include strengthened nails and hair as well as overall better bone health and dental health.
These are just some of the known benefits of silica, which is a botanical properly found in bamboo leaves.


Bamboo leaf also contains micronutrients, which are also common in most plant teas. It is claimed that Polyphenols can notably reduce the aging process, as well as impede free radical cell damage in the body.

Other properties of bamboo leaf have also been linked with weight loss. A case in point here is Catechins, which are known to alter dietary fat processing in the body. The result is thought to lead in weight loss as well as a lower production of cholesterol by the body.

The above mentioned properties have also been noted in green tea, which is widely popular all over the world for its health benefits.

Point to Note

Although bamboo leaf has been seen to have great health benefits, it cannot be used to replace medication prescribed by a doctor. The tea can also not be used to diagnose or treat pre-existing medical conditions. Proponents of bamboo leaf and bamboo leaf tea
however swear by its health benefits. It is also important to note that the tea has been used for centuries to relieve various symptoms as well as promote overall health. Also when you really think about it, can pandas be all that wrong about bamboo? Bamboo Leaves and its tea are full of benefits for your beauty and health.

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