Organic Korean Citron Tea“Outrageously delicious, uniquely Asian, and good for your health.”


As Westerners living in Asia for many years, the people behind General Ming’s have experienced the mild to the wild when it came to the variety of food and beverage options throughout Asia.

Driven by culinary explorations within their cultural and historical settings and with a particular interest in nutritional and medicinal benefits of the foods sampled, each and every taste was as unique as its surroundings.

As the collection of Asian favorites evolved through travels around the region, so did the idea for General Ming’s: Introducing a variety of favorite exotic flavors, which are appealing to Western pallets from the Far East is their passion. The perfect combination of healthy flavors, aromas and the awakening of senses is how they describe the products in the General Ming’s collection.enjoy healthy tea

On behalf of everyone at General Ming’s we welcome you to our world. A world of flavor. A world of passion. A world of General Ming’s.

It was in Seoul, South Korea, that the idea of General Ming’s materialized in its first product:

Harvested from select organic orchards in South Korea, General Ming’s brings you a delicious cup of pulpy-ness called Yazu + Korean citron tea.  Rich in vitamin C and with unique health benefits, Yazu+ is produced with the highest standards of quality.  Organic Korean CitronThe Korean citron fruit is milder and has a more flowery and full-bodied flavor than its more commonly known relatives lemon and lime.

Yazu+ is perfectly sweetened with organic brown sugar to make a unique, unforgettable and refreshingly warm taste.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy every hot and tangy sip, right to the bottom of every mug.

Although we coined our own name for this delicious flavored tea, the Korean name for this special fruit is Yuja or Yuja Cha.  A beverage of royalty, it first came to Korea in the imperial age of the Silla Dynasty.  A fable has been stated that a man was carrying Yuja fruit for his wife from China to Korea in the pocket of his jacket.  A sudden storm rose from the depths of the sea and tossed the ship, nearly sinking it as it approached the Southern coast of Korea. The tossing of the ship during the storm crushed the Yuja fruit causing the seeds to lodge in the bottom of the man’s coat pocket. As the man sadly walked through the countryside back to his village wearing his coat, the seeds fell to the earth.  The next year as the man walked back to the harbor to go on another adventure, Yuja Cha trees bustling with delicious ripe fruit lined the road.Yazu+ Citron Tea

The dedication and care that we bring to each and every bottle of Yazu+ Korean citron tea intensifies the already uniquely delicious experience every person enjoys from the ultimate cup of delicious warmth and relaxation that speaks to all your senses. People have told us that Yazu+ “awakens long forgotten childhood dreams” and that it tastes “like an angle peeing on your tongue”.

Woman enjoying Yazu+ citron teaMore than any other traits, serenity and flavor are the defining characteristic at the heart of Yazu+. A bold explosion of flavors and a distinctive surge of warmth is what Yazu+ is known for.  A warm cup of Yazu + is unmistakable – The color. The flavor. The warmth. The passion behind each and every drop.
That’s General Ming’s promise to you.


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