generalmings_bamboo_tea_originalTreat yourself to this wonderful exotic bamboo tea infused with subtle yet sophisticated flavors.  Certified USDA organic, General Ming’s pomegranate, blueberry, vanilla and lemon caffeine free Bamboo Tea will unlock the senses and exhilarate the taste buds.

The health and beauty secrets behind our bamboo tea are made by using only traditional methods to preserve the quality, freshness and flavor.  This is where health, beauty, flavor and culture all blends into a perfect cup of steamy goodness.

General Ming’s bamboo tea has revived a thousand years of health benefits, flavors and tranquility in each and every tea bag.

Forget about the world for awhile and take advantage of the soothing qualities of General Ming’s bamboo tea by slipping into a long, relaxing hot bath with a cup of our flavored treats.

Enjoy your cup of hot Bamboo tea with a good book and snuggle up with a good book or your favorite movie. Prefer waking up with tea? Brew up a pot in the morning and enjoy while easing into the day.

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