Nutritional Benefits of Korean Citron Tea

Yazu+ Koren Citron Tea

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Are you a tea drinker? Have you looked for something healthy, yet amazingly good in taste? Have you heard or tasted Korean Citron tea?

Korean Citron tea is an herbal tea that is made from a citrus fruit called citron, which is a fragrant fruit.

”The tea is not only good in taste, but also has many nutritional benefits.”

It is a traditional Korean tea drink, which has been a part of Korean tradition for almost more than 100 years.

For many years Koreans have used this tea for more than it’s great taste. Let’s find out why:

  • It is great for coughs
  • It helps in relieving sore throats
  • It is an excellent source of Vitamin C
  • It has been used for years to treat the common cold
  • It can soothe seasickness
  • It is considered to have antibiotic properties
  • It also helps in enhancing skin complexion
  • It helps in suppressing fever
  • It contains calcium to strengthens bones
  • It helps in fighting against discoloration
  • It increases blood circulation
  • It increases digestive stimulation

If you’re in Korea, you can easily purchase citron tea from your local market or many people make it at home. However, if you live outside of Korea and don’t know how to make it at home – check out sites such as which specializes in organic citron tea. It is not just the nutritional benefits of Korean Citron tea that makes it an amazing drink to recoup in the winter, the aroma, flavor and color also intrigues most tea drinker to give this drink a shot.

You can make your own homemade citron tea for which you will require the following:

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  • 4 Citrons
  • Half a cup of honey
  • One and  a half cups of sugar

Sliced Lemon Vitamin CPreparation procedure: Wash the fruit with cold water and remove its peel. Remove the seeds and the white membrane from the fruit completely. Slice the fruit into thin pieces. Dissolve sugar in thinly sliced fruit and keep it aside so that the sugar dissolves in the room temperature. Add honey to this jar and seal it tightly. Now refrigerate this mixture for at least one week. Now all you need to do is to add one spoon of this mixture in hot or cold water depending on your requirement. The Korean Citron tea is used in the preparation of several food items like chicken. People have started using this Korean Citron tea as a jam and spreads for their bread slices. It is so delicious that you just cannot stop eating or drinking it.

To sum it all up in a cup of tea, Korean Citron Tea is an amazing drink, which is very addicting. It’s rumored that once you Enjoy Yazu+ Korean Citron Teastart drinking this tea, you can’t stop. If only for the nutritional benefits one must try this drink at least once, but its flavor, aroma and taste will make you want to drink it every day. With a delightful sweetness in every cup, you also get the nutritional benefits of this drink. It is definitely worth a shot for the tea drinkers who are looking for a different taste to entice their taste buds. Because it contains no caffeine, this is the ultimate tea to unwind, relax and reflect.

Next time rather than giving your children hot chocolate, give them something natural, healthy and delicious – Korean Citron Tea from General Mings is by far the best.  As they say on their website – Try it once and we promise you’ll be back again and again.
For a delicious alternative to your everyday tea choice visit and find out what an entire country drinks and swears by in the winter.




66 thoughts on “Nutritional Benefits of Korean Citron Tea

    • General Ming's says:

      Hi Lilly,

      Very good question. For most people outside of Asia this is a very unique tea. Yujacha or yuja cha (citron tea) is a traditional Korean tea (herbal tea) made from the citrus fruit yuzu. Yuja (유자) fruit is thinly sliced with its peel and combined with sugar, prepared as fruit preserves.

      Herbal tea, or tisane, is any beverage made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water, and usually does not contain caffeine. ‘Wikipedia’


      General Ming’s

    • mary says:

      Neither do a lot of herbal teas. I make sage tea, out of just sage (fantastic for colds) and sage is not a tea.
      I just bought a jar of this at our local Asian grocery, and it is amazing. First I thought it’s just marmalade, but I don’t think so – unless the marmalade is made with honey, than yup, it’s marmalade.

    • V says:

      TEA is defined as a aromatic beverage (preferably hot) over the processed or unprocessed plant leaf most commonly Camellia sinensis, however other form of plant leaf having preferable fragnance can be used. Alternatively HERBAL TEA contains leaves from medicinal herbs not necessarily Camellia sinensis.
      TEA -main ingredient Camellia sinensis.
      GINGER TEA- ginger
      HONEY TEA- honey
      LEMON TEA- lemon……

    • General Ming's says:

      First, congratulation! As with any product please consult your physician before using it. Below is from my research only. If you’re looking for a government stamp of approval on teas to drink while pregnant you’re not going to find a lot of information. Mainly because many herbs/fruit teas have not been studied on pregnant women. Herbal products vary because of their preparation and composition, so it makes it very difficult to assess their safety on you and your unborn baby. The following herbs are considered “safe” if taken in moderation (2-3 cups a day).

      Citrus Peel (citron tea)
      Lemon Balm
      Orange Peel

      Best wishes for you and your new baby.

      General Ming’s

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi! How is the preparation for this? I bought this exact brand but I’m not sure how to drink it. Can I eat the sliced citrus or it should be disposed? How many tablespoon should I put? Thanks!

    • General Ming's says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Preparation is simple. You can add either hot water or cold water. I prefer it hot myself. We suggest one tea spoon of Yazu+ to make a standard cup of tea. There is approx 28 cups in one jar. The citron peel which is left on the bottom when you’re finished will allow you to make at least another cup by adding more hot water. If you like it sweet, add two tea spoons. Yazu+ by General Ming’s is 100% natural and sweetened with organic brown sugar. Most citron the products available in the US contain only 10% citron fruit and 90% sugar/additives or other fruit products. Yazu+ by General Ming’s is USDA and EU organic certified and contains 90% citron fruit and 10% organic brown sugar. You’ll notice the difference in quality and taste.

      As for the slice of citron … that is the best part! It’s a treat at the bottom of the cup. The slices/peels they are safe to eat, taste great and packed with Vitamin C.

      Thank you for your comment and enjoy!

      General Ming’s

  2. General Ming's says:

    Hi Della,

    Thank you for your comment. We’re always so happy to read/hear about the love affair our customers have with our teas! It makes us all warm and fuzzy inside to know we’re doing a great job.

    I don’t believe our citron tea would be considered a dietary product. It is excellent source of vitamin C and nice soothing relief for your throat during the winter season.

    On that note, you may want to consider our Honey Ginger Tea. Ginger has a beneficial effect on your overall digestive system, helping to regulate and aid the movement of food through your stomach, and small and large intestines. When everything moves more smoothly, you benefit by losing weight more easily. However, I would suggest consulting with a licensed dietitian or your physician before taking any products for weight loss.

    Again, thank you for loving our tea!


    General Ming’s

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    • General Mings says:

      We’re very happy to see our Yazu tea helps you relax and pleased to read you’re comparison to other teas. I am fairly confident we are the only USDA and EU organic certified English labeled tea on the market. Most of the citron tea products you can purchase in stores or online contain very high sugar content and very little fruit. That is the reason it is so inexpensive and has a ‘sugary’ taste.

      Everyone at General Mings thanks you for your business.

    • General Mings says:

      Hi Agnes,

      Thank you for your email. Our ingredients are 90% organic citron fruit and 10% brown organic sugar. There are no additives or preservatives. I would suggest consulting with your physician to make sure the ingredients are acceptable while on your medication. Happy New Year.

      General Mings

  4. Veronica says:

    I saw this stuff on a Korean drama and decided I wanted to give it a try. If you like ‘citrusy’ things, you will love this stuff, it is amazing. I like it by itself or mixed with black tea.

    • General Ming's says:

      Hi Veronica,

      Citron tea goes back centuries in Korea. It is currently making a resurgence and you’ll often see it featured on TV. We were recently featured as a favorite brand of citron tea on a Chinese variety show. The response was amazing.

      Mixing it with black tea sounds delicious! I will surely try it. It’s also very nice when mixed with a cocktail or two as well. 🙂

      Thank you for your business and your review. Loyal Yazu + customer such as yourself is why we go to work every day.


      General Ming’s

  5. Nancy A says:

    This is my favorite brand. Something about the taste. It is heavenly! Bought seven jars at an organic store (that’s all they had) in Hong Kong. The problem is, I live in Singapore. Please, list the stores that carry your Yazu citron tea?

    • General Ming's says:

      Hello Nancy,

      I’m glad you were able to find our tea while on vacation in Hong Kong. We will soon be available at several locations throughout Singapore. You can always buy it online at We have a special agreement with several shipping companies so the cost will be minimal.

      Thank you for your business and hopefully we’ll see you soon in Singapore!


      General Ming’s

  6. Evelyn says:

    Could not sleep, had achy throat and early flu-like symptoms. I tried this tea with a half tsp of tumeric – extremely soothing. Sleep in no time! and…, achy feelings gone by morning. Thank you.

    • General Ming's says:


      I’m happy you’re not only feeling better, but that Yazu citron tea helped you with your rest and your cold/flu symptoms. Thank you for all of us at General Ming’s! Cheers!

  7. Fernando says:

    Hello my name is Fernando I live in USA. Is the only way to get YAZU products is place an order online? . I can’t find citron YAZU in local Korean markets, carry other name brands.

    • General Mings says:

      Hi Fernando,

      Thank you for your email. We are currently ‘in-line’ with several well known national organic grocery chains and online retailers for US distribution. I will make note of your email address and let you know when the product roll out will begin.

      We are also very excited that we will be shipping from a fulfillment center in the US at the end of Feb 2015. This means not only will your orders arrive more quickly, it will also be much, much less expensive to ship.

      General Ming’s

  8. Warren says:

    My wife gave me this to mix with some vodka for a backyard party with the neighbors. I must admit I was a bit hesitant. Never heard of it until that day. 10 minutes into the party I had half the neighborhood asking what was in the pitcher and the other half circling me like vultures waiting for me to make more. This is a beautiful mixer for a summer cocktail. Just ordered more.

  9. Jasmin says:

    Hi! Just want to ask if honey citron tea is decaffeinated? I actually already religiously drink it every night, but my doctor recently diagnosed me with stress induced hyperacidity and forbade me from coffee and tea because of the caffeine. Do you happen to know if it is still safe to drink? I really don’t want to break the habit since overall I did start feeling better normally since I made it a habit. Thank you.

    • General Ming's Editorial Team says:

      Hi Jasmin, many thanks for your interesting question! Yazu+ Honey Citron Tea naturally does not contain any caffeine. So, to answer your question: it has not been decaffeinated since there is no caffeine in the first place. Another element to consider related to you hyperacidity is that outside the body, citron is acidic, it is a citrus fruit and everybody is aware of that. Inside the body on the other hand, when citron has been fully metabolized and its minerals are absorbed into the bloodstream, its effect is alkalizing and therefore raises the pH of body tissue. Please double-check with your doctor though since we cannot give medical advice here. Hope this helps!

  10. GWorld says:

    Hello, Yazu is my favorite tea at this moment but I am on my last jar. Can I buy it some place in Northern California? Please email me. Thx!

  11. SheriWilliam says:

    Hello Yazu!

    I am a fan and recommend to all my coworkers/friends. Looking forward to the cold months with some nice hot citron tea. Way to go!

  12. Theron says:

    So many good articles i read here, i think you can make general mings tea more taste good if mixed with others tea like black or camomile.

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  14. Ashley says:

    Hello! I’ve been hesitant with buying citron tea as I understand mostly are loaded with sugar. Is Yazu tea available in Singapore already?

    • General Ming's Editorial Team says:

      Hello Ashley, thank you for you comment. You will find that Yazu+ Citron Tea is NOT loaded with sugar but has up to 90% fruit content which sets it apart from other Citron Teas. While you will not find our tea in Singaporean stores (yet) you can order online here at and since we ship out of Singapore our shipping rates for within Singapore are very competitive :). Or feel free to call us at +65 8430.1541 for further information. We are looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

    • General Ming's Editorial Team says:

      Hello Justina, many thanks for your question! Generally speaking: yes, because Yazu+ in general and Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea in particular has much less (brown) sugar content than comparable teas. But of course the fruit content itself contains natural sugars which have to be taken into account as well. So depending on your type of diabetes, gravity and overall diet Yazu+ you will need to determine how much Yazu+ is good for you. Please also check with your physician as we cannot provide medical advice here.

  15. Roger says:

    I had to write to let you know I love your tea. Yazu tea not only has more flavor, it also taste healthy. I don’t get that sugary after taste in my mouth as I do with other citron tea brands. The citron peels also seem to be thicker and more juicy at the bottom. My only problem is I cannot stop drinking it. ha!


  16. Nathewlela says:

    Thank you for this product. It is proving to be a very beneficial solutions for my constant sore throat. I also appreciate your prompt and efficient service. The parcel was opened and allowed through customs so I would encourage anyone in Australia to buy this product.

  17. Klevense says:

    What’s the sugar content/percentage? I have had citron tea before and it is loaded with sugar and such. This brand sounds very appealing but I don’t enjoy high sugary drinks.

  18. Molpirtbike says:

    I’ve been drinking your tea for almost one year now and this is the first time I have taken the opportunity to write a review, however, much overdue and highly warranted. So,while you and your bed are a perfect match on snowy days, so is this citron tea. Everything about it from the taste to the aroma makes you feel warm and relaxed. No caffeine and organic, makes it a perfect nightcap while reading a book before bed. Snow? Freezing temps? Who cares! Great product.

  19. mherrera says:

    Got my order the day before Christmas which worked out well because it was cold. Yazu tea is super delicious and a fantastic alternative to hot coco. The entire family loved it. Our only problem was we order two jars and drank it all weekend. You really need to sell this in Michigan, USA!

  20. ShewenKed says:

    I ordered based on the reviews. Impressive I must state. Flavor 9/10. Aroma 10/10. Service 9/10. Value 9/10. Over all, 9.5/10

  21. Maria says:

    I jusy want to ask and i want you to help me..i have hypertension and a little bit doctor s told me to loose weight..what kind of korean herbal tea i have to take?please help me..thank you

    • General Mings says:

      Hi Maria,

      As all of our products contain sugar or honey as a sweetener I would suggest you consult with your doctor. Although we are very proud of all our tea products, we wouldn’t feel comfortable giving this type of advise under your current condition. Please email us directly at and let us know what your Doctor recommends and we’ll personally help you with your selection.

      Warm regards,

      General Mings

  22. Raphael says:

    This is truly a get what you pay for product. Can you buy citron tea cheap in various locations? Absolutely. But you’re buying mainly sugar water with the taste of citron. Quantity over quality is not what you want when it comes to food, tea or anything else you put into your body. I’ll pay more every time for quality. You guys make a great tea. Keep up the great work!

    • General Ming's Tea Co. says:

      Citrons are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, and their acidity promotes good digestion and protects the liver. But there’s more: citrons have diuretic properties, which is detoxifying and therefore promotes the burning of fat. So with the correct diet and exercise it might be a beverage of choice. Please keep in mind there is brown organic sugar added, however, unlike 95% of the citron tea sold, General Ming’s Yazu+ Organic Citron Tea uses only 10% sugar and 90% citron which creates a rich, lovely and healthy tasting tea. On a side note; if you are currently drinking citron tea please review the label, you’ll most likely see numerous additives, preservatives, flavoring and a high amount of sugar with less than 8% of actual citron fruit. Not what Mother Nature intended for sure. Thanks for your question and enjoy your Yazu!

  23. Noble Akel says:

    I¯m not that much of an order online person to be honest. Where can I buy in S. California? All the best. Nobel

  24. Val says:

    Hi I’ve been. Seeing this citron tea bottle in Singapore and I tad about this does help in cough , is it true cos I’ve been coughing for awhile like after a sore throat and lost of voice and after medicine till
    Now the cough is still around , I dj really cough all the time but once it get started it will go on for a short while , doez citron help??

    • General Ming's Editorial Team says:

      Hi Val,

      yes, in Korea Citron tea has been traditionally used against coughs and sore throats, especially during the colder months of the year. So it might well be worth a try for you!

      Please note though that we cannot provide medical advice here.

      All good wishes for your soon recovery, the General Ming’s Team.

  25. Cialiscon says:

    Love the organic citron and the ginger with honey. Taste, consistency and quality is never a disappointment. Customer for life.

    – Calle

  26. Mia says:

    I take this honey citron tea and its a great for sore throats after 2days I’m really fine and before I’m going to bed I drink regularly…..I’m happy and the smell and taste great.

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