Nutritional Benefits of Jujube Tea

Fresh jujube fruit (Ziziphus zizyphus ) on branch with leaves

Ah, the sweet taste of the jujube fruit has contributed to the global sensation and lure from an almost exclusive 4,000 year home in Asia. The nutritional benefits of Jujube tea and its sweet taste make for remorse free indulgence.

Often called the “Chinese date’, the small, reddish-brown fruits that are similar to berries. Jujube has been the core fruit of China since the Tang Dynasty due to a perception of nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Unlike many teas, General Ming’s unique fruit teas have excited the senses and awakened a resurgence in Korean tea. Yazu + Jujube Tea gets its amazing flavor and sweet aroma from extracts after the fruit is boiled. Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and C, Yazu+ Jujube is a full flavored tea with all  the health benefits to make your nutritionist jealous.

[quote]The Nutritional benefits of General Ming’s Yazu+ Jujube Tea are amazing.[/quote]

Jujube Promotes Liver Rejuvenationdried jujube fruits

Scientific research published in the medical journal Transplantation Proceedings in 2010 shows significant potential of jujube tea extracts in the treatment of liver damage and the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. The study aimed at measuring jujube’s healing abilities after a 40-minute loss of blood flow to the liver. The results indicated that the high antioxidant content of the jujube had positive effects on subjects who received the extract over a seven-day period.

Jujube is a  Natural Sedative

The potential of the jujube to magnify relaxation and calm was a pillar in ancient Chinese herbal remedies. Modern day research performed at South China University and Technology has testified to this by exhibiting how jujube extracts induce hypnotic effects by limiting monoaminergic activity, or the release of stimulating neurotransmitters. The overall effect of the tea was ‘prolonged sleep time’ to which researchers also credit the saponins of jujube, or its metabolic properties and the fruit’s main bioactive factors.

Nutritional benefits of jujube tea

Jujube as Digestive Aid

The use of jujube as a digestive aid stems from the Chinese belief that the fruit adds moisture to the body. Recent research performed by National Chung Hsing and National Taiwan Universities concur with the ancient Chinese remedy stating that the tea ‘increased fecal moisture’ and ‘shortened gastrointestinal transit time’ by 34 to 57 percent in researched subjects. Jujube is also believed to reduce toxic ammonia in the intestines through elevating concentrations of fatty acids.

So next time your considering the health and nutritional benefits of tea, consider General Ming’s Yazu+ Jujube Tea. The fact it taste great and is non caffeinated only adds to it’s appeal for both the young and old.