Yazu+ Koren Citron Tea

The Ultimate in Korean Citron Tea – Yazu+

Organic Korean Citron TeaThe dedication and care brought to every Generalming's products are NON GMObottle of Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea intensify the already uniquely delicious experience. Harvested from selected organic, NON-GMO citron orchards, General Mings’ is the perfect way to start the day, warm yourself on a crisp and cold afternoon, or unwind before bed. Yazu+ organic citron tea beautifully blends the multitude of nutritional benefits of citrus fruits with the culinary delight of enjoying a good cup of tea.

Most consumers are familiar with inexpensive citron tea products that are yellowish and contain only 10% citron fruit and 90% sugar and additives. General Ming’s in contrary honors the old traditions of Asian tea-making while bringing consumers a healthy and authentic Yujacha (Korean for citron) tea experience.

You’ll immediately notice Yazu+ has a deep, dark, delicious orange color and light citrus scent that is hard to resist for tea lovers. This is not only due to our care in selecting the best possible citron fruit but also for its crafted preparation that preserves natural properties. Our tea contains 90% pure citron fruit and 10% organic brown sugar for the ultimate harmony between citron tang and sweetness.Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea is USDA Organic

Since ancient times citron has been renown for its medicinal purpose; a heritage that Yazu+ sustains. Rich in vitamin C, with NO caffeine, Yazu+ is perfect for the entire family.

If you’ve enjoyed Korean fruit tea before, we EU_Organic_150welcome you to try Yazu+. Simply stated, it’s citron tea perfection. If you’ve never tried, we welcome you to join an exclusive group of tea drinkers for an unforgettable taste.