General Ming’s Korean Citron Tea Warms Winters Cold Bite

Korean citron tea against cold

Yazu Koren Ciron TeaWinter will be here again before we know it. We know that the cold breath of old man winter will leave our throats dry and our noses running. Lucky for us it does not have to be this way no matter where you live thanks to General Mings Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea. That is right I said General Mings. The same one you love, the one and only, USDA organic and EU Organic General Ming’s Korean Yujacha. General Mings Yazu+ is the Yuja Yujacha you have enjoyed for some time. Only the finest ingredients go into each batch of our delicious Yujacha. This is what gives General Mings that amazing out of this world taste, just the way you remember it.

Defense Against the Winter Duo

General Ming’s Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea is known for its great ability to fend off old man winter and Jack Frost. Although with a hot cup of General Ming’s Yazu+ it doesn’t seem fair to them. They do not stand a chance in casting there cold breath your way. In fact Old Man Winter might even arrive late if only we can find him and give him some Yujacha.

Get Some TodayDrink Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea in Winter to fight off cold

Even better yet. You can just order some General Mings Yazu+ Korean Yujacha today. Not only can you select to receive a great I love Yazu+ mug, you will get the best Yujacha that is out there today. This tea will make you feel so good and so warm inside you will not even notice that it is caffeine free. When you can get a Yujacha that tastes this good and is made to this high quality.

 All Yujacha is not the Yuja

We know that great tasting Yujacha is hard to come by these days. With the all of the cheap easy knock offs that are low quality and just made in volume to sell to the masses. Big fancy factory tea is what it should be called because it is not the Yuja. They do not use top quality certified USDA organic or EU Organic ingredients. In fact we are not even sure what they use.

Only the Best

We do know what we use and that is top of the line Citron. By only using certified USDA and EU organics we know without a doubt that we are producing the very best in Yujacha. Just one taste of this heavenly beverage and your taste buds will be floating in the clouds. They will be happy with the delicious Yujacha dancing around on your tongue like rays of warm sun on a winter’s day. Once it makes its way down your throat, coating every nook and cranny with the smooth soothing Yujacha, you will have to agree.  General Mings Yazu+ Korean Citron Tea is the very best Yujacha that you have ever had.

Yazu+ Korean Citron TeaGet Yours Today

Now there is only one thing that is left to do. That is to go online to and get yourself stocked up on some great tasting General Mings Korean Citron Tea! Once you have General Ming’s the rest are not Yuja.