Korean Citron tea … Love It. Love It. Love It!

Nature’s own desire: Yazu + Korean Citron Tea

Yazu + is a deliciously sweet Korean Citron tea that can easily become a cup a perfect winter drink by adding hot water or an icy retreat tea on a hot summer day by simply adding cold water. This versatility of Korean Citron tea makes it a favorite amongst people. It is a traditional Korean drink, which has been a part of its tradition for almost more than 100 years.  It continues to be a major part of their tradition and used for everything from helping to soothe the effects of the common cold to a great cocktail mix.

These  are a few of the many reasons which has Yazu + Korean Citron Tea by General Ming’s spreading across the globe.

There are several other reasons why everyone that tries it, loves it!  Besides the obvious advantages of being organic and loaded with nutritional benefits, this ‘marmalade’ looking tea taste absolutely amazing. “Koreans believe that a cup of Korean Citron Tea daily can help you combat cough and colds, treats sore throat and many more winter ailments.”  It is a bonus that it’s also a great source of Vitamin C, thus helps in enhancing our immune system.

Yazu + Korean Citron tea is easily available in the markets throughout Korea and can be ordered around the world at www.GeneralMings.com. If you want to be adventurist, then you can make this tea simply at home. You would need a few simple ingredients for preparing this tea. These ingredients are Citron fruit, which may be difficult outside of Asia, Honey and Sugar.  If possible, organic seems to have the richest flavor.

The preparation of this drink is very easy. You need to peel the Citron fruit and then dice it into small pieces. Put these diced fruits in a jar and then add a little sugar in this jar. After the sugar melts, add a little honey to it. Keep this jar in a refrigerator for a week. You can take the mixture of this container to make either a cup of hot Citron tea or a glass of cold Citron tea. People also like the Korean Citron tea due to its amazing fragrance and sweet taste. Some people even eat this mixture with a slice of bread.

”This drink is very light, herbal and refreshing.  Much better in the winter than having hot chocolate, which is often quite heavy at the base.”

If you are tired of drinking the same boring cup of tea leaf brews and beverages, then you must definitely try Korean Citron tea. It will be a pleasant eye opening change for your taste buds. In this writer’s opinion, Yazu + Korean Citron tea is perfect for the winter season, when you’re searching for alternatives to chocolate flavored drinks for your children to beat the chill. Although there is no data to confirm this, Koreans believe it fights against aging and gives a special glow on your face.

With many health benefits and an amazing taste, this drink is something that you would like to have every day. Believe it or not, if you taste it once, you’ll always have a full mug!

For more information of Korean Citron tea please visit the General Ming’s website and online store at www.GeneralMings.com.

One thought on “Korean Citron tea … Love It. Love It. Love It!

  1. Sandy says:

    This tea is wicked good! You obviously know what you’re doing.

    Fantastic job. I really loved everything about your ginger and citron tea, and more than that, how healthy it is.

    Too cool!

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