Historically connected – The Korean tea

Historic Korean Tea TimeIt goes back to the year 661, when tea was first offered in the Buddhist temples to the spirits of revered monks. There were aristocrats as well who used to as simple rites, “Day Tea Rite” for the common daytime ceremony and “Special Tea Rite” for special occasions.

The Korean Tea was always an herbal drink in earlier centuries with absolutely no connection with taste. Korean tea with its numerous health benefits served several medicinal purposes. Korean tea also used bamboo leaves to serve many physical and mental illnesses. The soothing and relaxing benefits that come in the package with the bamboo tea prove the worth of its existence over the years.

The green Korean tea started its journey as medicinal drink but later with little modification got a place in preferred beverages.

[quote]“With added flavors, Korean tea gained massive popularity and appreciation”. [/quote]

Several flavors are now available in the market. The addition of several fruit flavors was the first one to emerge in the markets. The instant sale encouraged the producers of the flavored Korean tea to come up with other flavors as well.

It is also said that the tea tree foresting and crop-seeding season collapsed. Farmers decided to stick to tea tree forestation. The reason is the immense popularity of the Korean tea that helped them in their decision. Right from the beginning of the dynasties, Korean tea has always been popular and remains the same. Farmers often use to pay their taxes by giving away a part of their tea harvesting to the king.

This historical commercial production of tea turned into a breadbasket for the farmers of Korea. The reason behind the popularity of Bamboo tea and Korean citron tea lies in their benefits. The tea not only helps you maintain a good health from within, but also provide you with many beauty related benefits as well. The glow of the skin is a byproduct of consuming Korean tea. They also believe tea increases the immunity making the person stronger and more beautiful.

With the addition of flavors and the promotion of green tea, citron tea and bamboo tea, Korean tea is turning into a healthy drink enjoyed worldwide. People are not only looking in stores for the tea, but are placing the orders online at sites such as GeneralMings.com, a leading distributor of their own branded versions of organic tea as well. “The obsession with the tea does not end here”. There are blogs filled with the benefits of the Korean tea and with the praises.

To sum-up everything, the roots of Korean tea start from the year 661 and continue to spread its benefits up until now. With the popularity it has gained over the years, it will not be wrong to say that the tea will be serving for the next many years to come. The usage of bamboo tea came out as an innovation and later was adapted by many. “The added flavors of fruit makes it a healthier and tastier drink”.

Flavored bamboo tea is now “drink-the-trend” beverage providing all with natural flavors and healthy
options. Korean tea is turning a new ‘leaf’ as a preferred drink globally.

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