But do they really offer genuine organic bamboo tea?

Tea CeremonyWell, Generalmings does!

A South Korean native, bamboo leaf tea is now very popular all over the world. It is believed to have been used for over a hundred years, although more for its healing properties than as a refreshing drink. Korean bamboo leaf tea is now sold all over the world including over the internet where it is easy to make a purchase of the popular tea. The question on most people’s minds however is, but do they really offer genuine
organic bamboo tea? Well, Generalmings does!

This kind of tea is often thought to be the same as Green Bamboo leaf tea. There is actually a big difference, with the latter being native to China. The Chinese version is more commonly known as green tea. The two kinds of teas are actually very different, as the source from which they are both derived from being different.

What Bamboo Leaf Tea is all about

Damyang-Gun is home to Bamboo leaf tea where it is harvested from bamboo leaves, young leaves to be exact. There is a process that the tea is traditionally taken thorough before it can be consumed, and no additives are included in the making of the tea. The entire process of making the tea is natural. This includes scenting, steam boiling and roasting before the tea can actually be consumed. It is not an easy process, and this is
where much of the flavor and health benefits come from.

To get the best out of bamboo leaf tea, it is important to get a dealer that only sells authentic bamboo leaf tea. The tea is rich in protein and fiber as well as alkaline.

[quote]Unlike the Chinese green tea counterpart, this tea also does not contain canine. [/quote]

It is one of the few teas that do not contain caffeine, which is a huge selling point for bamboo leaf tea.

The smell and taste of the tea have a distinct bamboo element to it. It is smooth and light in addition to having numerous health benefits. The leaves can actually be used at least twice before they become bitter. On the commercial market, bamboo leaf tea is packaged in a number of different ways. It can be in the form of a tea bag, a powder or can also be sold as a leaf, which is the traditional way. The tea has however been
slightly adapted to better fit in the western consumer market. Traditionally, bamboo leaf tea has also been used as an additive in food.

History of Korean Bamboo Leaf Tea

It was not until 1994 that the world realized what the Koreans had for over a hundred years. That bamboo leaf tea is good for health. A lot of research has been conducted and has shown that there are plenty of health benefits to be gained from bamboo leaf tea.

The name of the tea actually comes from what the tea leaves look like rather than where it is derived from. The shape of the leaf actually looks like a bamboo plant, giving it its name. The tea has been consumed by monks for over a hundred years, and is actually believed to have been produced on mount Emei Shan by a monk.

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