Benefits of Bamboo Tea

Bamboo Leaves TeaGeneral Ming’s bamboo tea is a unique and exotic discovery. I once heard it describe as ‘freshening up the body from deep inside your soul’. Sounds a bit over the top? Maybe, however, even if it was half this great … it’s amazing. Certified USDA Organic, General Ming’s bamboo tea infuses several subtle and exotic flavors. Pomegranate, vanilla, blueberry and lemon are delicately introduced to the already exotic flavor of the bamboo too exploit every drop of goodness. We like to say that each flavor is enriched with health, beauty, flavor and centuries of culture.

[quote]Revive your body, soul and spirit with every delicious sip[/quote] .

For centuries, doctors throughout Asia prescribed tea for various aliments and health issues. Although recently new to the Western world, bamboo tea has been at the forefront of this practice in Asia. In comparison to other tea or coffee options, it is believed bamboo tea has more benefits. As an example, in Asia it is believed regular morning tea can damage your teeth whereas bamboo tea keeps the mouth healthy and fresh. By lowering acid production in your mouth, bamboo tea helps to fight bacteria normally associated with cavity build.

It is ideal for those who love to start their mornings with a cup of tea.

[quote]General Ming’s flavored Bamboo teas are a perfect way to enjoy your day.[/quote]

Bamboo tea is not only a great way to start your day, it’s a nice way to relax a, regroup or unwind at the end of the day. Studies have shown that tea lowers the blood pressure and reduces stress. So, sit back, relax and leave your tensions behind with every sip.

Regular tea is rich in caffeine that dehydrates the body. However, this is not the case with bamboo tea. Bamboo tea has little or no caffeine. Little or no caffeine tea counts as water. Therefore, you can enjoy bamboo tea in every occasion and every season. Summer or winters, bamboo tea will not reduce the body’s water level. Moreover, it keeps you more hydrated. You can enjoy it during a relaxing hot bath as well as during working hours.

Whenever you drink bamboo tea, you are actually taking a natural health supplement. In Asia,  it is believed that Bamboo tea builds the body’s immunity and aids in faster healing. With its antioxidant properties; it aids in cell repair.

Bamboo tea is an exotic treat that can be enjoyed daily. Whether it is before a meal or after, in Asia it is commonly used to settle the stomach and help with digestion.

“Because most of these teas do not have caffeine it is also a great way to settle upset stomachs regardless of age.“

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  1. Miss Amy says:

    Why am I always surprised when I read about how amazing various products coming from Asia are? I would think after this many years Westerns would understand the reason for obesity, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and just overall lack of longevity comes from our diet. Thank you for this article.

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