General Mings Blends Culinary Heritage with a Modern Lifestyle

Our brand celebrates the rich culinary heritage of food and health in Asia. Our brand ambassador General Mings blends old and often forgotten wisdom with the needs and desires of a modern lifestyle.

Food and nutrition are at the very core of human culture. General Mings uncovers food that is both delicious and healthy. Food that helps with a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Sustainability, Quality, Nutritional and Medicinal Benefits are Key

Sustainability, quality, a sense of nutritional and medicinal benefits are hallmarks of our culinary selection. Our mission is to combine the inspiration of Asian traditions with contemporary innovation and to rediscover the ability to connect to simple pleasures.

Our offerings include Korean fruit teas, organic bamboo teas, and are continuously growing. General Ming’s flagship product line Yazu+ has gained growing followership of tea connoisseurs the world over and is the premium product of its class.