Nutritional Benefits of Korean Citron Tea

Korean Citron tea – A new taste for tea drinkersTea_House_Beauty

Are you a tea drinker? Have you looked for something healthy, yet amazingly good in taste? Have you heard or tasted Korean Citron tea?

Korean Citron tea is an herbal tea that is made from a citrus fruit called citron, which is a fragrant fruit.

”The tea is not only good in taste, but also has many nutritional benefits.”

It is a traditional Korean tea drink, which has been a part of Korean tradition for almost more than 100 years.

For many years Koreans have used this tea for more than it’s great taste. Let’s find out why:

  • It is great for coughs
  • It helps in relieving sore throats
  • It is an excellent source of Vitamin C
  • It has been used for years to treat the common cold
  • It can soothe seasickness
  • It is considered to have antibiotic properties
  • It also helps in enhancing skin complexion
  • It helps in suppressing fever
  • It contains calcium to strengthens bones
  • It helps in fighting against discoloration
  • It increases blood circulation
  • It increases digestive stimulation

If you’re in Korea, you can easily purchase citron tea from your local market or many people make it at home. However, if you live outside of Korea and don’t know how to make it at home – check out sites such as which specializes in organic citron tea. It is not just the nutritional benefits of Korean Citron tea that makes it an amazing drink to recoup in the winter, the aroma, flavor and color also intrigues most tea drinker to give this drink a shot.

You can make your own homemade citron tea for which you will require the following:

  • 4 Citrons
  • Half a cup of honey
  • One and  a half cups of sugar

Sliced Lemon Vitamin CPreparation procedure: Wash the fruit with cold water and remove its peel. Remove the seeds and the white membrane from the fruit completely. Slice the fruit into thin pieces. Dissolve sugar in thinly sliced fruit and keep it aside so that the sugar dissolves in the room temperature. Add honey to this jar and seal it tightly. Now refrigerate this mixture for at least one week. Now all you need to do is to add one spoon of this mixture in hot or cold water depending on your requirement. The Korean Citron tea is used in the preparation of several food items like chicken. People have started using this Korean Citron tea as a jam and spreads for their bread slices. It is so delicious that you just cannot stop eating or drinking it.

To sum it all up in a cup of tea, Korean Citron Tea is an amazing drink, which is very addicting. It’s rumored that once you Enjoy Yazu+ Korean Citron Teastart drinking this tea, you can’t stop. If only for the nutritional benefits one must try this drink at least once, but its flavor, aroma and taste will make you want to drink it every day. With a delightful sweetness in every cup, you also get the nutritional benefits of this drink. It is definitely worth a shot for the tea drinkers who are looking for a different taste to entice their taste buds. Because it contains no caffeine, this is the ultimate tea to unwind, relax and reflect.

Next time rather than giving your children hot chocolate, give them something natural, healthy and delicious – Korean Citron Tea from General Mings is by far the best.  As they say on their website – Try it once and we promise you’ll be back again and again.
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